Short Story

Les Cocottes takes on Montreal

Les Cocottes was born from the love of travel and the discovery of local and global cuisine. All anyone wants is to try out all the flavours from all over the world, but can unfortunately be limited by the size of their appetite. This is why Les Cocottes offers you a round the world trip with shareable portions. From Thailand to Italy, going through Quebec and the Middle-East, we fit the whole world in our Cocottes.

Owner-chef Jonathan Cohen and his team’s mission is to have you and your friends travel the world with your tastebuds for the duration of a meal, without even leaving Montreal.

We put a strong emphasis on the procurement of local, artisinal products from nearby Quebecois independent producers.

The Chef-owner Jonathan Cohen learned gastronomy under the apprenticeship of famous French master chefs. After his graduation at Ferrandi, The French School of Culinary Art (Paris), he studied the the techniques of chocolate-making with the Quebecois Master Chocolatier Daniel Gendron. He then joined the team of the Guy Martin’s culinary workshop in Paris as a teacher.

Taking his inspiration from his travels, his technique is creative, sophisticated and unique, concocting meals starring true flavours right on your plate. Culinary travelling guaranteed!